We can all agree that police officers should be accountable for their actions. The role of a police officer comes with a great deal of responsibility and authority. Police officers have a duty placed upon them to protect the public and enforce the laws of the municipality, province and country, yet sometimes, they can find themselves under the microscope, even when simply doing their job. 

In Ontario, police officers are regulated by the Police Services Act, a piece of Provincial legislation and as well, they can also be charged with offenses against the Criminal Code of Canada or any number of other statutes. On occasion, as a result of their actions or choices, police officers may find themselves facing internal or external investigations which could result in criminal or quasi criminal charges. In addition, police in Ontario unfortunately find themselves having to contend with more oversight bodies than any in other Province of Canada.  

With an intimate understanding of the job, the politics, the policies and procedures and the inside workings of a large police service, Jim has much to offer police officers who require legal advice or representation. Jim has extensive knowledge of the Police Services Actand has written a number of research reports based upon provisions of the Act.  Jim has worked under lawyers in the field of police labour law on both the Association and management sides. His two decades of police experience and legal knowledge and training make him a sensible choice when choosing a lawyer to represent you. Jim has been there, he's worn the uniform, worked the shifts, dealt with the 'policies' and understands the interpersonal relationships, agendas and issues found within the policing environment and has previously dealt with many of the same situations and issues facing police officers everyday.

Understanding that policing is a 24/7 job, feel free to contact Jim anytime. Put your faith in someone who's actually walked a mile in your boots.  


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