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Jim's two decades of policing has provided him with experience that is simply impossible to replicate in a classroom setting or anywhere else. Read on to learn more about Jim's experience as a police officer. 

Jim was a seasoned officer on the street and dealt with investigations, from traffic and by-law infractions, to robberies and homicides and everything in between. Jim was responsible for the front line training of many new officers and as a trainer, also worked on many pilot projects for the implementation of new software or equipment and developed and delivered training courses for all officers.

For several years, Jim was assigned to the Vice and Drug Unit as a Detective Constable. Jim became a highly proficient warrant writer and an Expert Drug Witness early on in his tenure in the unit. Jim authored and executed hundreds of search warrants and regularly acted in an undercover capacity, for the purpose of purchasing a wide range of narcotics, from street level amounts to much larger quantities. Jim was directly involved with the handling of confidential informants and undercover operators. Jim developed and implemented numerous short and long term projects as well as developing and delivering many training courses, including training for the US DEA. Jim was also involved in the investigation of vice related offenses such as prostitution, child pornography and luring while with the Vice and Drug Unit. 

Jim returned to the street where he continued to apply his skills and was often assigned as lead investigator at many serious crime scenes and investigations as a result of his experience. Jim has trained many new officers, passing on essential skills and knowledge. Jim served as a Crisis Negotiator, on a team of 16 highly trained police negotiators. Jim's communication skills and ability to think on his feet led to the successful resolution of many high risk and volatile situations.

Jim also served on the Traffic Unit, as a motor officer and was assigned to selective enforcement duties, hit and run investigations as well as the investigation and reconstruction of fatal motor vehicle collisions. 

Jim proudly finished his career on the street, exactly where he began some twenty years prior. 

Jim spent a great deal of time in court in his time as a police officer and often researched, reviewed and applied relevant case law to his investigations. Jim's transition to the defense side of the courtroom went smoothly and Jim quickly gained experience and confidence in his role. Having completed his articling (lawyer's apprenticeship) under Gordon Cudmore, Jim found his true passion and enjoyed the new challenges criminal defense work offered. 

Jim continues to hone his skills and put to use the extensive experience that he gained as a cop.
  Aside from the basic, intermediate and advanced training courses that all officers go through over the years, Jim has acquired additional, specialized training during his years of service. 

1998 – Intoxilyzer Technician Course - Center of Forensic Sciences

Jim obtained certification as a qualified technician in the operation of the Intoxilyzer 5000C. This training provided Jim with specialized knowledge regarding the operation and intricacies of breath testing instruments as well as a much greater understanding of the effects of alcohol on impairment and the scientific formulas and methods used in the calculations of blood alcohol concentration or alcohol consumption. 

2000 – Coach Officer Training Course - Ontario Police College

This course provided knowledge and training in relation to the instruction and leadership of others.

2001 - Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Training - OPVTA

Jim received training in the organization, structure and activities of OMG's and similar Organizations.

2001 - General Investigative Techniques Course - Ontario Police College

This course included the preparation of search warrants, the investigation of various drug related offenses and interviewing and interrogation techniques. 

2001 - Rave subculture Workshop - OPVTA

This seminar provided information on the Rave subculture, including the participants, activities, and typical narcotics found at such events, including ecstacy, methamphetamine and GHB.

2001 – Special Needs Policing - Athabasca University

Through Athabasca University, this course provided a study of policing in multicultural and special needs environments, cultures or communities.

2002 - Facilitating Adult Learning - Ontario Police College

This course dealt with the presentation of lectures and the instruction of police officers and others in an adult learning environment.

2002 - Extraordinary Rapid Deployment - Ontario Police College

This training dealt with the deployment of police personnel in emergent and hostile situations.

2003 - Search Warrant Planning and Execution - Ontario Police College

This course included the drafting, planning and execution of search warrants issued under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Criminal Code. The material focused on the requirements for judicial authorization, legalities of entry and search and public safety concerns. 

2003 – Mobile Surveillance Course - Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario

This course dealt with covert surveillance of mobile and static targets in various scenarios. 

2003 - Youth Criminal Justice Act Training - Ontario Police College

This course focused on procedures and legislation pertaining to the implementation of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

2003 - Lawful Justification Certification - Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario

This course provided instruction and authorization regarding criminal activity in the course of police operations under Bill C-24.

2003 - Basic Thermography Certification - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Jim obtained certification in the use of Forward Looking InfraRed in law enforcement applications. This course focused in particular on the detection and recognition of marihuana growing operations as well as other criminal investigations.

2003 – Undercover Operators Course - Criminal Inteligence Service Ontario

Jim underwent extensive training in relation to undercover operations and techniques within the drug and criminal subcultures.

2003 – Crack Cocaine Workshop - London Police Service

This workshop provided detailed information regarding the nature of crack cocaine, production and trafficking methods and the effects on users and practices of those involved in trafficking.

2003 – Marijuana Grows and Clandestine Labs Workshop - Ontario Police College

This workshop focused on indoor commercial operations involving marihuana cultivation and clandestine drug laboratories such as cocaine, ecstacy and methamphetamine labs.

2003 – Drug Investigation Techniques - Ontario Police College and Center of Forensic Sciences 

This course focused on various aspects of narcotics investigations including, case law, search and seizure, identification of substances, indoor marihuana growing operations and clandestine drug laboratories such as cocaine, ecstacy and methamphetamine labs. I also was directly involved in the physical production of GHB and Crack Cocaine in a controlled environment.

2003 – Expert Drug Witness Seminar -Federal Department of Justice

This intensive course was hosted by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security and the Federal Department of Justice. This course covered case law, Expert evidence from police, prosecution and defense perspectives, current drug trends (trafficking, packaging, paraphernalia, value and terminology), toxicology, trafficking, importation and exporting, and production of controlled substances including but not limited to cocaine, ecstasy, GHB, methamphetamines, heroin, opium, and marihuana.

2004 – Operation Pipeline/Convoy Conference - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

This two day conference by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police presented information on drug traffickers and importers, focusing on methods of importation, transportation, and concealment. It also focused on behavioural aspects of persons involved in drug trafficking and transportation.

2005 – Advanced Narcotics Investigators Course - United States Drug Enforcement Agency

This four day course was held in Garden City Michigan and was presented by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. The course was designed to provide further training for experienced drug enforcement officers and covered topics related to undercover operations, financial investigations, narcotics law, methods of concealment, and telephone investigations.

2005 – Perdue Pharmaceutical Lecture on Opiate Narcotics - Perdue Pharmaceuticals

This course was presented by Senior Chemists from Perdue Pharmaceuticals, the Canadian manufacturers of Oxycontin, an opiate based narcotic. This focused on the nature of opiates and their place in society for the treatment of pain, and the problem of abuse of opiate narcotics.

2006 – Asset Forfeiture – Criminal Intelligence Services Ontario

This course provided a condensed course of instruction regarding the seizure of proceeds or crime and offense related property through statutory and civil procedures. Much of this course pertained to seizures relating to the activities of drug traffickers or other profit motivated criminals.

2008 – Crisis Negotiations – Canadian Police College

This extensive course provided training for negotiators dealing with hostage situations, suicidal and barricaded persons. Training consisted of lectures on communications and potential motivations and psychological conditions of subjects, as well as intense practical exercises.

2009 - Level II Collision Reconstruction - London Police Service

This training provided advanced knowledge in the reconstruction of fatal motor vehicle collisions. It dealt with forensic and mathematical examinations, scene examination, evidence analysis and measurment and reproduction. 

2010 - Critical Incident Conference - Niagara - Critical Incident Stress Management
This three day conference presented a refresher on negotiation skills and legal updates as well as overviews of skills, practices and techniques.

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