Jim engages in the practice of Criminal Law. With two decades of policing experience behind him, clearly no stranger to criminal law.

As a police officer, Jim was directly involved in thousands of investigations involving criminal offenses from simple thefts, to murders and pretty much  everything in between. As a result, Jim's knowledge of criminal and police procedure is almost second to none. From arrest to release to the application of the Charter Jim has first hand experience in areas that others only learn about through reading and instruction.   

As a Qualified Intoxilyzer Technician, Jim obtained extensive experience with impaired driving cases and the operation and legalities of roadside testing devices and the Intoxilyzer breath testing instrument. Jim has been directly involved in hundreds of impaired driving or "over 80" cases involving refusals, roadside samples, breath samples, blood demands and blood warrants. Jim was directly involved in impairment by drug cases prior to the Criminal Code amendments bringing about Drug Recognition Experts. 

As an undercover Detective Constable assigned to the Vice and Drug Unit, Jim was an expert drug witness, and was qualified on many occasions in both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice before both Judge alone and Judge and Jury. Jim acquired intimate and detailed knowledge regarding the production, packaging, transport, distribution, trafficking and usage of a wide variety of narcotics. Jim obtained his knowledge not only from first hand experience through undercover operations, but from attendance at certified training courses and seminars, the cultivation of informants, the interviewing of persons involved in the drug subculture, the dismantling of high level commercial manufacturing operations, and through the first hand, controlled production of narcotics. Jim also  frequently reviewed popular media and commercial resources on drugs and the drug subculture. To answer a very frequently asked question, No, Jim didn't have to do drugs in his work as an undercover officer when making undercover purchases. Sorry, some experiences I have to take with me...

Jim's detailed knowledge of specific narcotics includes, but is not limited to prescription narcotics including barbituates and opiates (oxy, morphs, hydro, methadone, heroin),  methamphetamine, GHB, Ecstasy (MDMA),  Ketamine, Cannabis and Cannabis Resin and Cocaine and Crack Cocaine.  

Jim was a highly experienced and competent warrant writer, having written and executed hundreds of search warrants including general, Feeney, public safety, Criminal Code and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act warrants.  Jim has lectured to a wide range of audiences, from student groups, to Crime Stopper's Conferences and police and government agencies. He has been interviewed for television documentaries and developed a training course on commercial marihuana growing operations which he presented to Agents of the U.S. DEA. Jim was also a trained Crisis Negotiator and has been involved in many high stress situations requiring extensive negotiation and skilled communication to resolve incidents of suicidal or barricaded persons. 

During his career, Jim was also assigned to the Traffic Management Unit and was the lead investigator on many hit and runs as well as fatal motor vehicle collisions and was directly involved in their reconstruction, investigation and final determination.  
Jim's experience and training in interviewing and interrogation, have led to many successes in his policing career and continue to prove beneficial to his career as a lawyer. Jim is able to obtain more accurate information and is able to identify indicia of deception through interviews and the analysis of written. video taped and live interviews. Much time can be saved when deception can be positively identified in a statement, a transcript or in an interview. Things as simple as a pronoun substitution or avoidance of personalization  can be easily overlooked yet can mean so much. 

Jim continues to build upon his extensive criminal knowledge base and is pleased to offer this knowledge and experience not only to his clients, but also to any counsel or individual who might require consultation for review of expert opinion reports, warrants, evidentiary reviews, scene photographs, statements or transcripts. 

Jim has also assisted counsel with the interviewing of clients for the purpose of revealing details that might arise during trial and to assess the viability or credibility of a client's version of event. Jim is skilled in interviewing techniques including Reid's Nine step system and has implemented such techniques successfully for many years. 

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